The summer school takes place in-person at Heinrich-Heine University’s Haus der Universität from 22th – 26th August 2022.


The schedule will be split into a morning and afternoon session in which lecturers offer courses presenting their methods of expertise. In evening lectures, we will reflect on the limits and potential of empirical methods for the philosophy of mathematics together with prominent philosophers of mathematics.

After the lecture, participants are invited to a joint dinner at a restaurant close to the event’s venue. On Wednesday, there will also be a excursion to Kaiserswerth.


To read the abstract of a session, please click on it.

Monday, 22nd August
10:00-13:00Experimental Philosophy (Kevin Reuter)
13:00-15:00Lunch Break 🥙
15:00-17:00Experimental Philosophy (cont.)
17:00-17:30Coffee Break ☕️
17:30-18:30Empirical Philosophy of Mathematics (Benedikt Löwe)
19:00Dinner 🍝
Wilma Wunder (Martin-Luther-Platz 27, 40212 Düsseldorf)
Tuesday, 23th August
Wednesday, 24th August
9:30-13:00Historical Case Studies (Roy Wagner)
13:00-16:00(Extended) Lunch Break 🥪
16:00-19:00Joint trip to Kaiserswerth 🏞
19:00Dinner 🥗
Galerie Burghof (Burgallee 1, 40489 Düsseldorf)
Thursday, 25th August
Friday, 26th August

Lunch & Dinner

In the evening, all participants are invited to a joint dinner at a restaurant close to the conference venue. We will walk there together after the lecture, but you may also find links and addresses in the programme. Note that all restaurants offer vegetarian and vegan options.

During the lunch breaks, we ask participants to find an eating spot by themselves. There are many cafés and restaurants close to the venue. Some suggestions can be found here, but you may also ask the organisers for additional tips.

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